2 weeks to go…. Am i really doing this????!!!!

Eeeeeeeeeek so 2 weeks to go until I start the adventure of a lifetime on my way back to SA!!!

Yesterday all of my belongings were dropped off at the shipping company and it suddenly seemed so real!!  A huge thanks to Murray and Angela for letting me ship my things on their container for FREE… let me tell u this has saved me huge amounts of money!!  It costs £100 to ship a 30kg box home and then £30 per box thereafter.  And believe me my boxes weighed more than i would have been able to afford to pay, the cost would have run into the thousands!!!

I have so many mixed emotions…. I’m excited and scared for South East Asia.  I’ve been to Thailand before so I do know what to expect but the last time I went it was luxury all the way and with friends… this time (apart from the first week and a bit) I will be going solo and besides for the first week I have not booked anything.

From my “obsession” over the last year of reading other people’s blogs I know that the route I intend to travel is a common route and I will meet loads of travelers along the way.  But thoughts like will I get bored of travelling for 4 months and just want the comfort of a fixed home or will I be lonely still cross my mind.  I do know that I will be ok and I do know these thoughts are natural to have.  I’m just thankful that for the first week or so that I will be spending New Years with people I know 😉

This whole trip just seems unreal…am i really doing this!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “2 weeks to go…. Am i really doing this????!!!!

  1. This blog is a very smart move Mich, I for one will be keeping a close eye on this. Please ensure that you keep it up and an Itinerary update wont go astray. Ensure that the authorities know of your movements at all times when travelling alone 🙂 Love you – have a blast girl.

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