Goodbye London, Hello Bangkok

11 hours 25 min…..9,540km later I arrived at Bangkok!!!

The last 24 hours have been an emotional rollercoaster.  I know that at this point in my life leaving London is the best thing for me but its not easy leaving people who I have formed such close bonds with.  I know I will be going back to my friends and family in South Africa at the end of this trip but it didnt make the tears stop flowing, actually just typing this is making me emotional so i’ll move off this topic.

I cant even tell you what time I arrived at Bangkok as I have all my clocks on UK time and I’ve been trying to track Asia time, SA time and UK time and combined with lack of sleep my mind is all over the show …but i have changed the times now so from now on im working on Asia time!!!

I had to wait 4.5 hours for Angie to arrive at the airport.  Let me tell u there is absolutely nothing to do at Bangkok airport except eat and due to the fact im going to be living in a bikini for 4 months i decided to stay away from the dinky donuts and other yum stuff!!  I searched for about 2 hours for free wifi but finally managed to understand that unless you are sitting in departures they wont give you the wifi access code…ridiculous!!!!  so I finally just went and bought a thailand sim card..that killed about 1/2 hour of boredom until my phone died.  then i went on the hunt to see where i  could charge it but its so unbelievable that they do not have some kind of charging stations at the airport for passengers…anyway i finally found a machine that had a plug point behind it so i just sat behind this machine with my bags charging my phone, i wont lie every time security approached i did stress a little but they left my alone….taking hobo to a whole new level.


my corner behind the machines

Finally Angie arrived and im not gonna lie i prob was a bit moody but i just wanted to get out of the airport.  The humidity as you exit the airport is crazy, I’ve been here before so i knew it would be like this but the heat is almost suffocating as there is no breeze.

We caught a free shuttle bus to the other airport in Bangkok an hour away as we booked a hotel here for the night as we have to be at the airport at 5am for our next flight.

This blogs a bit  boring i know but until we reach our first destination there is not much to report.

Our next part is a flight from Bangkok to Nakhon Si  Thammarat at 6:50am which is 1 hour 15min, then we catch a ferry to Donsak Pier (1.5 hours) then another Ferry to Koh Phangan (2.5 hours).  So we should get to our hotel by 5pm tonight.  Another long day of travelling but then we will finally be on the beach….YAY!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye London, Hello Bangkok

  1. What may seem boring to you can be quite the opposite for those of us who are sitting in the comfort and boredom of our home or office. I can relate to the recharging issue though and that gave me cause to giggle – African ‘make a plan’ hey!
    Take care and keep up the blog, excellent stuff.

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