Hue Vietnam – my least fav place so far (sorry Hue) ;-(

I left Hanoi for Hue on a 13.5 hour sleeper bus.  All i can say is thank you Valium, which you can buy over the counter, because some people said it was an awful journey but i slept the entire way.

the sleeper bus

the sleeper bus

my bed ;-)

my bed 😉

Hue, Hue, Hue….what can i say about this town…. im sure i didn’t give it the fair chance it deserved but i was just not a fan.  Maybe it was because i was tired, maybe it was because for now im just so over seeing temples and sights, maybe it was because i only stayed 1day but i just felt it was crazy busy with traffic (worse drivers than Hanoi), the food wasn’t great and there were no street food stalls like Hanoi and that’s what i love the most.

We hired bicycles and went to the Tu Doc Tomb which is basically a Temple Area and a Tomb Area.  I could write a long history about the tomb and temple but to be honest i had lost a bit of interest and it didn’t really mean anything to me…i was just wondering around not really taking anything in.  Basically some Emperor is buried there…history lesson over 😉





I then braved cycling off on my own, nearly dying many times and cursing through all the crazy traffic….why cant they just drive on their own side of the road!!!!!  I went to the Citadel and the Imperial city which was lovely but i honestly did the quickest tour through it….i was just over sightseeing. The citadel is a high walled city surrounded by a moat, each wall is 10km long so you can imagine how big it is. Inside this is the forbidden city were the emperor and concubines lived, which is again surrounded by walls and a moat. Both were heavily bombed by the Americans during the war and there is still a lot of work going on to restore the Imperial City.

The Imperial City

The Imperial City




I hardly took any pictures in Hue so i don’t have much to show, i just had kind of lost interest …sorry!!!  The only good thing about Hue was the weather and my friends from Hanoi were there.

The very next morning bright and early i headed for Hoi An….not knowing what to expect but instantly falling in love with this town the minute I arrived….but you will have to wait for next blog to hear about my love for Hoi An 😉


4 thoughts on “Hue Vietnam – my least fav place so far (sorry Hue) ;-(

  1. I can totally relate to the way you were feeling. It’s impossible to be excited about every place and everything. As for the history lesson, we can get that online…. isn’t ‘google’ wonderful? We are more interested in how you interact with the locals and in your perception of these colourful people and places. Once it becomes a chore it gets boring very fast, so just make sure that you are enjoying yourself… to heck with the rest 🙂 xx

    • I’m so glad u said this uncle Peter as I was feeling guilty about not being interested in the history!!!! And I was getting bored and I’ve decided to change the way I’m travelling, stay tuned as I’ll be putting out a blog shortly on how I’m changing my travels. I don’t feel I’m getting what I originally wanted out of this trip and so hopefully this will change soon.
      Thanks again for reading and for always commenting things that really make me feel better!!! Love u lots xx

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