Changing the way i travel ;-)

So i started this adventure all excited about experiencing new places, food, culture etc and for the most part i have been having a blast. But for the last few weeks ive had this feeling that i am not getting what i wanted out of this trip…and because of those feelings I’ve started to feel home sick and even wondered if i should book a ticket home and not continue this adventure. I’m staying in hostels with other travellers, going to dinner with other travellers and just hanging out with other travellers….and as much as i have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and making some really good friendships something is missing. My heart is craving something different.

I’m also not entirely happy staying in the hostels, its not the hostels exactly its just the huge crowds of 20 year olds who are here for a bit of culture but mainly one big party. I wish i was in that mode, i really do, but for some reason the minute i left London that partying part of me just died. Dont get me wrong I like a few drinks here and there and the odd (once a month crazy night) but in the 5 years i was in London 4 of them i partied so hard and i am just over that stage in my life (might be the fact ive grown up and am now 31).

A friend I met travelling in Laos told me about couch surfing. I had heard of it before in London but didnt think of actually trying it out here in Asia. So i registered and sent a few requests for people to host me in their homes, not thinking i would get much of a response, but i have had a confirmation from almost everyone that i sent requests to. WOW!!!!

So for those of you that do not know what couch surfing is let me explain….basically you have a profile online where you describe yourself, either as the couch surfer or the host (you can be both). The host not only lets you stay at their house (either on a mattress available, bed or couch) but they also become your tour guide. Not like an official one but basically you hang out with them while you are staying with them…meet their friends, go for dinners and they do show you around as well. For most of the locals that are offering their services, they want to either improve or learn English and also learn about different countries that they have not been (and most of them have not travelled). Some times its not locals that you will stay with, but rather expats that now live in that country.

It is a safe way of travelling as everytime someone stays with a host they leave a review on what they thought of the host. So obviously im going to choose people who have reviews and good ones at that.

So when i leave Hoi An i am heading to Nha Trang which is basically a beach party town….even more reasons why i want to get out of the hostel scene.

So just to give you an idea of my plan going forward for Nha Trang:

The first person i will be staying with is a guy named Bits, he is 44 years old, born in India but grew up in Australia, he has hosted 78 people so far and all of them have lovely things to say about him. I know it sounds a bit odd…me going to couch surf with a 44 year old man, but he has lived in Nha Trang for years and he can take and show me places i would prob never find on my own. I will probably stay with him 2 days.

Another girl who accepted my request was Amy and she is a 24 year old Vietnamese girl. She has only hosted one person but she seems lovely and so i thought i would give that a go. Plus her hair colour rocks and my hair is looking disgusting and in need of highlights…i did mention that in my email to her that i need HAIR HELP BADLY!!!

example of what Amy's couch surfing page looks like

example of what Amy’s couch surfing page looks like

Lastly a girl named Tanya, 18 years old and also Vietnamese. She actually lives 1.5 hours out of Nha Trang which is completely out of my way but the best part is she has invited me to stay with her family and this is the couch surfing experience that i am most looking forward to. i might stay 2 days with her family.

So i’m really excited about the adventure moving forward. I have already started contacting people in the next town that i am going to.

So stay tuned and nobody worry, i will def let my mom know where i am going to be at all times.

love to all

PS: life is NOW….you can change your path if you are not entirely happy…just like i have 😉


My lucky coins 😉


3 thoughts on “Changing the way i travel ;-)

    • Laura u would love Hoi An!!!!! My little trendy fashion girl u could have amazing clothes made for a fraction of river island prices and made to fit perfectly!!!! Next holiday destinations girl. And they have nice hotels cause I don’t see u in a staying in a hostel hehe 🙂

  1. So glad to hear that you have entered the post clubbing stage of your life, this stage is far more meaningful and your appreciation of life in general a lot more mature, the best years. Don’t look back, you can’t change the past, the future is not promised so you are quite right to live in the NOW. I can just imagine how your Mom is freaking out and that’s understandable, continue to be cautious and please verify those written reviews:) Have a blast! xx

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