Hoi An Vietnam – part 2

I was happy leaving Phuket, sad leaving Brian and not looking forward to the 34 hour journey back to my beautiful Hoi An. I’ll spare you the details about my uncomfortable sleeping situation in the airports (as i had to take 3 flights to get back to Hoi An) but i will add in that Singapore airport is prob the most comfortable to sleep at…just in case anyone else has to spend 14 hours sleeping at the airport…pick Singapore πŸ˜‰

Ahhhhhhhhhh the happiness consumed my heart arriving back in my picturesque Hoi An. Back to my lovely street food, the lovely Vietnamese people, the lovely feel of this cute little town. I’ve totally fallen in love with this place if you cant already tell…its not only Hoi An, its Vietnam….u cant even compare it with Thailand…its just the most amazing place i have ever been…although i am still yet to experience Cambodia and i have heard none stop amazing things about Cambodia!!!






the paper lanterns you can buy to float down the river...they are supposed to be for good luck

the paper lanterns you can buy to float down the river…they are supposed to be for good luck

Down to business….back in the hostels i went (yay – not) and off to my previous tailor to get some serious clothes making and shoes done!!! Again the weight gain is an issue but im hoping with the types of clothes i have chosen that they wont look to big even after i loose the fat (which i will).

Walking down my road just smiling to myself at the joy of being back in Hoi An, a lady is saying “come into my shop” to everyone who passes, she then sees me and runs over and says “you back”. I had previously had a manicure done by her just before i left and told her i would be back in Hoi An in 2 weeks and she remembered me. Of course i know she was mostly happy cause she knew i would be easily conned into spending some more money….and of course she was correct.

I agreed to a back massage as it had been a while since i had treated myself. What followed next was bazaar and i don’t even know if i can get the words out on paper that can explain how bazaar the situation was…. she stripped me down herself, taking my dress and bra off (ok tad uncomfortable, don’t they normally leave u some privacy to undress)…i lay on my stomach and she started to rub ointment on my back and pinch me really hard, then punched my back a few times and then continued with her squeezing and pinching (definitely like no massage i have ever had). She then pulled down my knickers (sorry I’m still in London lingo…underwear/ panties) and proceeded to massage my ass!!!!! Oh yes u got it right she pulled them down leaving me naked and MASSAGED MY ASS!!!! This went on for a while and then another lady joined in and continued the TORCHERING of my back (oh sorry massage) with every so often her punching me in the head. Something tells me these ladies are not qualified to give massages and if this wasn’t enough of a sign, the pain in my back for the 3 days after was definitely a sign that they did more harm than anything… I’ve tried to come up with some kind of explanation for this bizaar massage…did they think i said ass instead of back, were they fascinated with a huge massive ass (cause everyone knows i have a big mama’s be-hind)…i don’t know, i really don’t but all i know is I’m scared to go down that street again in case she destroys any other part of me…she kept saying “me give u wax”…..now i think that would be a horror story….no wax!!!! no way!!!!!

The ass massager.... she doesnt look evil i know but be warned ;-)

The ass massager…. she doesnt look evil i know but be warned πŸ˜‰

I love street food if you haven’t guessed already and not only cause its dirt cheap but because more often than not you are sitting eating with the locals. I decided to go to the same lady for lunch, and my smoothie lady is next door to her, in order to build relationships with them. Baring in mind again that they do not speak English. The same thing happened when i went there on my return to Hoi An, they remembered me and it was big hugs all around. i guess many tourists say “i come back tomorrow” just to get away from them always asking you to buy from them, so they were so happy i did come back. Its like my own mini little family. i arrive for lunch and get big hugs and they sit next to me whilst i eat lunch. We don’t talk because they don’t speak English (although i have tried but nothing) so we just sit and smile at each other. Then hugs goodbye and i tell them i will see them tomorrow.

Cau Lau is my absolutely favourite dish in Hoi An…. its the traditional dish of Hoi An– Its basically another noodle dish (but usually made with thick noodles rather than the skinny vermicelli style) with some meat, bean sprouts, fresh greens mix and then another top secret sauce/broth that gets mixed together before your eyes. They sprinkle some crunchy crouton type things on top…amazing!!!Β  There are usually a number of different jars with different spices or liquids on the β€œcounter”; the cook takes unmeasured spoonfuls of each and tosses them on top of the noodles. When the bowl is handed to you it is warm and smells great so you mix it all together and enjoy every morsel.

My lovely lunch lady that served me everyday and her amazing Cau Lau ;-)

My lovely lunch lady that served me everyday and her amazing Cau Lau πŸ˜‰

I’ve also fallen in love with the mango and avo smoothie (thanks to Zac)…with NO SUGAR…. the Vietnamese love their sugar and they also used condensed milk for them…so you have to specify many times NO SUGAR NO SUGAR!!!!!!

the lovely smoothie lady and the addictive avo and mango smoothie yummmy!!!!

the lovely smoothie lady and the addictive avo and mango smoothie yummmy!!!!

Some random pictures from Hoi An πŸ™‚

another lovely dish of Hoi an - Banh Xeo

another lovely dish of Hoi an – Banh Xeo



Hand made...i watched them make them...brilliant!!!!

Hand made…i watched them make them…brilliant!!!!

i love the faces of Vietnam!!!!

i love the faces of Vietnam!!!!

so old she can hardly talk

so old she can hardly talk

So the time has finally come for me to leave my lovely Hoi An, i had to force myself to book the bus otherwise i probably would have stayed here and spent way too much money have clothes and shoes made.

Coming up is a 12.5 hour sleeper bus journey to Nha Trang where I’m so excited to start a new way of travelling…… will post that blog in a bit.

Love to everyone



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  1. Wonderful stories and great photos, if you have no objection I’d like to use the 2 black & white images of the ladies for some creative art (non commercial of course).

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