A retreat in between my travels

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So Zac who I met on my travels in the beginning had told me about Angkor Bodhi Tree in Siem Reap Cambodia, it is a yoga and meditation centre, so i booked myself in for 5 days and was looking forward to just switching off from the world and relaxing.

Here’s the link for anyone who might be interested:


What I wasn’t expecting was the emotions that poured out of me the minute I walked through their doors.  I don’t know what came over me but the minute I started talking to the owner I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, and boy oh boy did they flow throughout my entire time… Bob, the owner did tell me that he has had a number of women who seem to cry during their stay here, could be something to do with the energy in the house but its a good thing to get those emotions out.  I think for me my emotions were coming from a mixture of places… I was missing my London friends, missing home as i haven’t been home in almost 5 years, I had been dealing with some negative energy certain friends were bringing into my life and it was just upsetting me, I was still fighting with the bank for the fraud money taken out my account and UNISA (University of South Africa) were being useless at helping me sort out finishing my degree…so i was worried about what the future held…

my bed was named "love" ;-)

my bed was named “love” 😉

My days were spent, getting up at 6am for a meditation session, a very healthy breakfast after, then at 10:30am either yoga or a stretching class, lunch, 4pm meditation, 6pm yoga, 7pm dinner and 9pm meditation.  In between that i just lay on the hammocks outside and read or chatted with the other girls that were staying there.

this is where i relaxed every day!!!!

this is where i relaxed every day!!!!

I also opted to have a 2 hour session with a Intuitive and Natural Healing Consultant where i also cried like a baby.  I poured my heart out to him and we worked through some of the things that i was feeling emotional about, he actually brought up certain things that had happened in my life that he would never have been able to know and after a long chat he took my hands and i know its not possible for you to believe if you have not been in the situation, but he drew the bad energy out of my body.  Honestly its 40 degrees heat here and he held my hands and said a little chant and afterwards his hands were ice cold.  I know its sounds crazy but i like to believe it worked. He said that his hands were cold cause that was the bad energy that he had drawn out of my body.

This is his website if you want to have a look:


He also guided me with the principles that i should stick to going forward and its not like i didn’t know those principles but sometimes its good when someone of a higher “authority” reminds you…. I won’t go into all the details because it is a little personal but i definitely feel in a much happier place and i wont let negative energy bring me down again 😉

Whilst i was there i also went to a monk chanting.  This was so beautiful to listen to.  A Buddhist chant is a form of musical verse, the chanting is the traditional means of preparing the mind for meditation.  It went on for about 20 minutes and it was just the most beautiful sound i have heard.  I took a video clip so hopefully i will put that on facebook at some point.

the monks chanting

the monks chanting

Bob also arranged to have the monks come to the retreat and give us a blessing.  Buddhism is an open-minded faith and allows anybody the opportunity to be blessed to anyone even if they are not following their faith.

Before the monks blessed us we were given the opportunity to ask them as many questions as we wanted.  Me being the talk-a-holic i made the most of this and fired away plenty of questions so that i could learn about why they have become monks and also a little about Buddhism   For some they become monks because its something they have always wanted to do, for others it is because they come from poor families who cannot afford to send them to school and feed them, so they choose to become monks as they get to live in the pagoda (temple) and get free schooling.

chatting to the monks

chatting to the monks

So for the blessing we had to close our eyes and they started to chant, then they flick water over you as a blessing also throwing little white flowers.  Afterwards they tie a red string around your wrist and you are supposed to keep this on until it eventually falls off.

The blessing basically just means good luck and good life.

me getting the red string "blessing" tied around my wrist

me getting the red string “blessing” tied around my wrist

So on another one of my free days i volunteered to work at a school teaching English to the little kids (ages 6 to 10).  Boy oh boy do i have a new appreciation towards teachers.  It was really tough trying to come up with ideas on what to teach them considering their English was so limited.  I think i can rule out becoming a teacher for a future career!!!!

attempting to teach!!!

attempting to teach!!!

my students ;-)

my students 😉

my last dinner at the retreat!!!

my last dinner at the retreat!!!

we were fed amazing vegetarian meals every day!!!!

we were fed amazing vegetarian meals every day!!!!

healthy food and fresh fruit juices every night for dinner

healthy food and fresh fruit juices every night for dinner

So all in all i think the retreat was just the best thing that i did.  Great experience, great people and just exactly what my soul needed.

Just a few of the things i’m going to try live by:


It is up to MEEEEEEEE!!!!!

It is up to MEEEEEEEE!!!!!

this sums it all up!!!!!

this sums it all up!!!!!


7 thoughts on “A retreat in between my travels

  1. Shelly, OMW …………….. Im sobbing from just READING about your experience, … you are truly blessed to have had this opportunity, I would have loved to have shared it with you. Go girl, you are so special and Im so glad for you! Love you

  2. Thanks Charzi and Deni, was a really moving experience and def recommend it to anyone who just needs a time out to get their mind back on track and flush out the negative energy. love you both xx

  3. its awesome that you got experience something that is truly amazing, something unexplained but ultimately awesome. not many people are that lucky in life, and im so happy that it has begun the healing process in you hun… xx

  4. This was just the best blog, I’m so pleased that you have divested so much negativity, really unhealthy to hang on to. Life is beautiful, Love is awesome and the principles you are choosing are the best to maintain your positive energy. Isn’t love grand, you are a great teacher, you just don’t see it 🙂

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