Goodbye Cambodia …Hello Thailand

One thing i am NOT going to miss about Asia is the transport…..amazing how when i started this journey i loved the sleeper buses…now i hate them!!!  Oh how times have changed.  My journey leaving Cambodia to Koh Tao in Thailand was supposed to take 28 hours.  But after a 3 hour delay (standing outside in the 40 degrees sun i might add) crossing the border from Cambodia to Thailand we were very far behind schedule…it seems every Jo Soap and his uncle brother grandmother cousin had decided to cross the border the same day as me.  Again thank goodness for lovely travellers in the same situation as at least you have people to share the pain with and chat with.

Sooooo 38 hours later (which consisted of a sleeper bus, a mini van, a seating overnight bus, a tuk tuk and a ferry) i arrived in Koh Tao.  I can’t explain the joy to be back on the most amazing island i have ever been to.  Its funny how i started here 4 months ago and still this is my favourite place that i have seen throughout my entire travelling!!! The reason i took the long journey back to this island is so that i could meet up with my cuz, Brett, who was on holiday in Thailand.

how can you not love this place!!!!

how can you not love this place!!!!


I met a lovely crazy British girl, Faye, at the ferry port and we ended up sharing a room at the same place i stayed previously (Saree cottages)…ahhh the cute little wooden bungalow oh how i missed this….beats stuffy smelly dorm rooms!!!


crazy funny Faye 😉

Faye and me ;-)

Faye and me 😉

Well not much to say about Koh Tao…. it involved drinking….chilling on the deck of the restaurant, watching amazing sunsets, drinking and this was a repeat for a few days.  Just as well i didn’t meet up with Brett earlier on as i don’t think my liver could have handled it!!! I’m defo not made for drinking anymore.  Brett arrived with a mate and slowly the group grew with all the people Brett had met in Koh Pangan for the full moon party until we had the best group ever!!!!

photo (2)

me and my cuz

photo (3)

lovely group of friends ;-)

lovely group of friends 😉


My cuz and i didn’t grow up together and after not seeing him for about 12-15 years we met up in London when i first moved there. This week i had with him was one of the best weeks ever and i felt i really got to know him. It made me sad that we didn’t spend more time together in London though!!!

One of the nights in Koh Tao we decided to go see the ladyboy Cabaret show.  I wished i had done it my first time in Koh Tao and so i persuaded everyone that this would be an awesome show to see…and i wasn’t lying…it was BRILLIANT.  By far the best act was Niki Minaj!!!!!


Cabaret night 😉


Niki Minaj???



So the original plan was to catch a sleeper train to Bangkok so that the boys could get the experience of that but unfortunately we left it so late to book a bed that there were none left for the date we wanted to leave….so the only choice was to fly!!!  So spending a little more money than i wanted to, waking up with a hangover, a ferry, bus ride and catching our plane with seconds to spare we left beautiful Koh Tao to head to Bangkok…..


Thanks for reading and comments really do make my day ;-)

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