And back to Bangkok i go!!!!!

It was sad to leave my favourite island in Thailand (Koh Tao) but i had not been to Bangkok in 4 years so was really looking forward to doing some shopping and just being shoved right into the hustle and bustle of crazy khaosan road.  Bangkok is a funny place, you either hate it or you love it…i love it, i guess I’m used to the craziness of the streets by now and totally used to being scammed and ripped off so it doesn’t really get to me 😉

I spent the next 2 nights in Bangkok with my cuz….eating scorpions and drinking…as you do in Bangkok 😉

scorpions to eat anyone???

scorpions to eat anyone???

scorpions munch munch

scorpions munch munch

Spending time with family was the best way to end this adventure. When my cuz left to go back to London, it was the first time since i had been travelling Asia that i felt really alone, i was really sad and so I’m glad i saw him at the end of my trip and not the beginning.

My final days in Bangkok where spent shopping, shopping, shopping and going to the Tiger Temple which was definitely a highlight!!!   I organized a tour bus to the Tiger Temple early on my second to last day in Bangkok…travelling you hear non stop rumors that the tigers are drugged to make them placid.  But I got talking to a volunteer who worked there and he insisted that they weren’t drugged.  He also said that they have been hand reared so they are used to human contact. Also, its in their nature to snooze all afternoon while its so hot and that’s why they’re so sleepy.

5Unfortunately i had wanted to see the baby tigers and feed them but they only have 10 spots for this and it was full up, i didn’t know that we could pre-book…oh well!!!   The full grown tigers are absolutely huge and I got loads of cool pictures taken with them.  I was glad that they weren’t totally docile and every now and again one of them would spring to its feet and scare everyone. The guys that took photos for us were also quite weary and kept a firm grasp of my hand to make sure I didn’t get too close.


People are always saying these tigers are drugged…but do these tigers look drugged??? I don’t think so….

look at that face!!!!!!!!!

look at that face!!!!!!!!!


look at those paws latching onto his head!!!



To sum up travelling around Asia….Vietnam was my favourite country as a whole, its so cheap and i just had the best experience there and met the most amazing locals…my couch surfing experience was pretty much the highlight and i wish i had done more couch surfing earlier on in my trip!!

A different time in my life i could probably have stayed longer in Asia, i know it is not the end of my wanting to explore Asia, but back in South Africa there were so many things i was eager to get home for….


Thanks for reading and comments really do make my day ;-)

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