Surprise I’m back in South Africa

I told my family i was heading to China and only flying home on the 6th June.  But at 2:30am on the 6th May i boarded a flight to return to South Africa.  3 Flights and 34 hours later i arrived on home soil.  I have not been home in almost 5 years and i was really emotional walking through the airport hearing the strong South African accents.

beautiful Durban ;-)

beautiful Durban 😉

My ex boyfriend, Stewart, fetched me from the airport and the plan was to go straight to my sisters house and start the surprising…but on the way we drove passed my brothers work and i walked into his restaurant….this was prob the most emotional and overwhelming surprise as i have seen my mom and sister over the last 5 years but i have not seen my brother.  I left and he was a boy and i have returned and he looks like a man, broad shoulders, taller, fulled out and…he is a dad.

My brother gave me the keys to my sisters house and i waited for my sister to return home from gym, as she walked through the door i had my hoodie on and jumped out from behind the wall and screamed surprise.  She was really shocked and confused haha

Next my sister took me to my moms house in Toti, my mom had had a few glasses of vino so when i jumped out from behind the car she just kept saying “i can’t believe it” over and over.

It was definitely the best pulled off surprise….but by far the most amazing surprise and meeting was getting to finally meet this little lady………anyone who knows me knows i talk about her non stop and i have been dying to meet her since the day she was born…

Collage 2013-05-30 10_45_55



It feels amazing to be home.  I was nervous of coming back to South Africa as the money is so good in the UK, the travelling is amazing and life is just easy over there…BUT…. home is with your family…. home is where the person you love is…. home is South Africa for me 😉

Thank you everyone who followed my journey and my life changing experience around Asia.  Thank you for all your comments on my blogs as this is what kept me writing and stay tuned as this isn’t’ the end 😉  Love to you all xxxx


Thanks for reading and comments really do make my day ;-)

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