First dive in South African waters

One of the things i was really looking forward to doing when i got home was some diving.  So my friend Angie let me know when she was doing a dive and i decided to join her.

Early on a Sunday morning we headed to Dive in Africa based in Umkomaas, the diving destination was Aliwal Shoal which is a very popular spot for diving.


I knew the conditions would be different in South Africa but i didn’t realize how different they would be.  I really struggled with the dive.  Firstly the water was soooo cold compared to Asia, i was wearing a different type of wetsuit and so it through me off on what weights i needed and so in the beginning i couldn’t sink and i kept adding more weights but it took ages to get the weights correct so i could dive.  Then my ears started playing up and even though i kept equalizing it just wasn’t helping.  I kept on having to surface a little and try go back down again.  Finally everything seems ok.

After the first dive i was sitting in the little dingy boat and i started to get sea sick, my ears were throbbing and i just was not feeling great.  I really did not want to go in for the second dive as i was feeling awful but everybody convinced me i would feel much better if i went in again.

So in i went and i had no problems this time sinking, no problems with my ears and the dive went great..UNTIL…a remora, which is a fish that attaches itself to sharks, decided that it liked me and decided to follow me. I had never seen one before and i started to get scared because no matter how many times i tried to chase it away it kept coming so close to me and right up into my face.  I spent at least 15 min trying to get it away from me and with all the screaming into my mask and panicking i used up my air pretty quickly.  So i decided to surface, as i do there are 2 young daughters of one of the divers sitting in our the dingy boat and they say to me that there is a massive shark behind me.  I know i said i wanted to see sharks but i was not prepared for this and started screaming “get me out of here” over and over…yes i know i slightly overreacted but after the remora scared me i was just not ready for the shark!!! It was a blacktip shark!!!

blacktip shark!!!!

blacktip shark!!!!

Anyway it was great getting to dive in South Africa, i think i need a bit more practice before i do a bait dive with sharks 😉


Me 😉


me again 😉


2 thoughts on “First dive in South African waters

  1. Good to see you home and also continuing with your diving… lol you’ll be okay now that you are getting used to the difference between Asian and African waters. 🙂

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