Why I hate “Movember”


It’s Movember, the month when men grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer.  And good on them for doing something for a worthy cause!  It’s a month when guys can show that they don’t take themselves too seriously and don’t mind looking stupid for a whole month.

But I think for most women it’s the month we dread….to start off my  handsome-faced man has gone from dreamy to squeamy…a hairy distraction on a handsome face and ITS TWO TONE…Brown with some ginger thrown in and with each passing day it grows creepier and thicker   The dislike of the tash isn’t purely based on aesthetics.  It’s practical too.  When it comes to kissing, moustaches hurt, they are painfully prickly and it makes me feel like I’m kissing an old man!!!

And some might think that growing the tash is an excuse for men not to shave and be lazy but let me tell you maintenance of the tash takes more time than shaving…I know…my once handsome man spends more time in front of the mirror maintaining that hairy thing on his face than I do!!

Proof that not even the naturally handsome Brad Pitt and David Beckham can pull off Movember!! 


So good on all the men for raising money for a worthy cause but thank goodness it is only 1 month of the year we have to deal with the tash…let the count down begin until i get back my clean faced handsome man!!!



2 thoughts on “Why I hate “Movember”

  1. I don’t really grow one. So either it’s a blessing or a curse- u decide. However I will say that I think it’s a blessing as I’m certain it’s how I keep my youthful appearance. 😉

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