a LOVE story

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I had been living in my complex for over 3 years and across from my flat lived this young guy with his mom.  My housemates and I used to see him coming and going in his little white Uno and so we named him “Uno boy”.  I had a crush on him but was never brave enough to say hello.  One Friday night I was out at a club and somebody taps me on the shoulder, as I turn around this guy says to me “hello Furnwood” which was the name of my complex.  It was Uno boy (Stewart), I didn’t recognise him as I had never seen him up close.  He explained he was my neighbour and had seen me around.  We chatted for a bit and then went our separate ways.

I could tell he was a little shy, so I decided to make the first move and so I left a note on his car (ok so a pathetic first move but I was also shy).  And so that’s how our romance begun, flirty notes under each other’s windscreen wipers….it then progressed to a movie at his, drinks at mine and so on….and in February 2005 we officially became a couple 😉  Stewart was 21 and I had just turned 23.

one of the original notes

Stew hates this pic but i love it… so young 😉

And then we lived happily ever after???  Unfortunately our love story took a turn……

I had always wanted to work and travel in the UK, Stewart didn’t have that same desire, he had a great job and he wanted to work his way up in the company.  So after 3.5 years of dating, in September 2008 we ended our relationship and I moved to the UK.

Our 3 year anniversary

Our 3 year anniversary

Years went by, Stewart and I both had other relationships, but for the most part we kept in contact and there was no mistaking that he and I just could not break this bond that we had.

Love doesn’t come when you are together, It comes when you are apart and you realized that despite the distance, LOVE still SURVIVES

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Skip forward to May 2013, after almost 5 years of being away from South Africa, and after almost 5 years of not seeing Stewart in person he fetched me from the airport.  It was the most surreal moment.  And after a month of dating AGAIN we decided that we wanted to be together forever!!!!!

Sometimes I feel sad that Stewart and I have missed out on 5 years together but actually the most amazing thing about our relationship is that neither of us gave up our dreams and we realized what a strong bond and love we had for each other that we wanted to give it another go.

So do you believe in THE ONE?  Or do you believe in the saying “if you love someone, set them free.  If they come back they are yours, if they don’t they never were”??   I don’t know what I believe but this little poem I found seems to fit our story perfectly…

Two people don’t have to be together right now,

in a month, in a year….if those two people are

meant to be, then they will be together somehow…

at some time in life!!


my 21 year old stew ;-)

my 21 year old stew 😉

one of the poem's Stew wrote to me when we first started dating

one of the poem’s Stew wrote to me when we first started dating

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2 thoughts on “a LOVE story

  1. Michelle !!!!! that is the most beautiful thing i have EVER read ….. so happy for you that you are happy and in Love and I wish you and Uno boy many MANY happy years together …. and lots of screaming babies (jokes) …. a loving happy family. love you my friend …FOREVER 😀

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