HEALTHY ice cream – Mango Ripple & Toffee Apple

I could eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it didn’t mean I would pick up an insane amount of weight.  So the next best thing is finding a healthy substitute….Now I know what you are thinking, there is no way that ice cream is healthy….think again 😉

Most people know that trying to lose weight starts in the kitchen.  Food and your diet contributes 80% towards weight issues.  But the biggest problem people make is trying to cut out “naughty” treats all together….which then usually leads to a binge.  By no means am I qualified to give dietary or weight loss advice but I dropped the 15kg’s I picked up in the UK plus some more by following this HEALTHY EATING LIFESTYLE and if I can pass on what I learnt to others and it helps with their weight struggle then that’s all I could possibly hope for.

So here are 2 ice cream recipes that I tested this week and they were both DIVINE!!!  Ok look, don’t be fooled….they don’t taste like full cream fat ice cream, but the point is you are trying to trick your mind that you are eating something naughty, to satisfy those sweet cravings.  I had my sweet cravings and had these, and I have been dropping about a kg a week.   So give it a bash 😉

image (13)

Mango ripple ice lollies (makes 4 lollies)

340g fresh mango, peeled, stoned and cut into bite-size cubes (you can actually use any fruit you want…strawberries, raspberries etc)
2tbsp sweetener
400g fat-free natural yogurt

  1. Blitz the cubed mango until smooth.  Transfer to a bowl and mix in 1 tbsp of the sweetener.
  2. Place the yogurt in a separate bowl and stir in the remaining sweetener.
  3. Spoon the mango puree and then yogurt, in layers, into ice-lolly molds.
  4. Place in the freezer for 6-8hours or until firm.
  5. To serve, dip the molds in warm water for a few seconds, gently ease the lollies out the molds and enjoy 😉

image (14)

Toffee Apple Ice Cream (serves 6)

4 apples, peeled
8tbsp sweetener
50g Nestle Caramel
500g fat free plain yogurt

  1. Coarsely grate the apples into a large mixing bowl.  Add the sweetener, caramel and yogurt and stir well.
  2. Spoon the mixture into a freezerproof container.  Cover and freeze for 8-10 hours, beating the mixture smooth with a fork every hour until firm.
  3. Before serving, remove from the freezer and refrigerate for 12-15 minutes, or until soft enough to scoop.

I actually worked out the calories for this and it worked out to 133 calories per serving!!!!



Thanks for reading and comments really do make my day ;-)

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